Jordi Visser

Jordi Visser has over 30 years of experience in the investment and finance industry. At Weiss, Jordi oversees the portfolio managers and is responsible for the overall risk aggregation. He joined Weiss in 2005 and ran a macro portfolio before becoming the President and Chief Investment Officer. Additionally, he is the architect and a portfolio manager for the Weiss Alternative Multi-Strategy Fund (Ticker: WEISX), a strategy that reflects the firm’s market-neutral approach and the desire to make its expertise in alternatives universally accessible. Jordi is the host of the video series “Real-Time with Jordi Visser” and a lead contributor to the firm’s podcast, “In Search of Green Marbles.” Jordi began his career at Morgan Stanley, where he held various senior management roles, including opening the office for the firm in Brazil. Jordi has been featured as a guest speaker on various popular podcasts and media outlets. Jordi is a magna cum laude graduate of Manhattan College and a Board Member of the School of Business at Manhattan College.