We are very pleased to share that Rock The Street, Wallstreet is one of the charitable organizations that MacroMinds will be representing at our 2022 event! RTSWS sparks girls’ enthusiasm for finance at a critical age and makes them aware of the societal benefits personal financial knowledge and math-oriented careers can have. The RTSWS experience introduces hands-on personal finance projects, provides exposure and access to female financiers and entrepreneurs through workshops and field trips, and access to a network of mentors, creating lifelong connections and a strong support system to achieve their goals.

It is an honor to be recognized by MacroMinds - an organization that is expanding the educational opportunities for students. We are proud to partner and grateful to be chosen for the 2022 Charitable Investment Symposium. As a result of their generosity, we can continue giving young, diverse women the opportunity to be challenged, held to high expectations, and motivate them to become financially independent while also offering them a pathway into an M of STEM career, finance. Thank you for lengthening our reach to inspire the next generation of female financiers.

Maura Cunningham, Founder and CEO of Rock the Street, Wall Street