Mt. Pleasant-Blythedale School

Last December 14th, 2022, Mt. Pleasant-Blythedale, one of our 2021 partner beneficiaries unveiled its newly constructed “triage” space for children who need emergency critical medical attention while attending their classes.

This much-needed space makes round-the-clock care accessible for children with urgent and often times life-saving medical treatments, eliminating long wait times.

This triage room also creates a safe, private, and nurturing space for children to have medical treatments administered, allowing them to focus on their health without disruptions.

The Valerie Fund

Last January 5th, 2023, one of our 2022 partner beneficiaries, The Valerie Fund hosted its “Meet Our Named Scholarship Recipients” which awarded scholarship grants to its former/current Valerie Fund patients.

The resonating theme among the grant recipients; most of them are pursuing degrees in the field of medicine. A testament to the profound impact of all the great doctors, nurses, and medical staff working alongside TVF patients.