Letter from the Founder

March 2023



We’ve been working on the MacroMinds 2023 Charitable Investment Symposium, to be held on June 7th at the Times Center in NYC, and I wanted to provide you with a brief and exciting update.  The punchline: It’s shaping up to be a truly great day and I hope you can be involved!


The Speakers

For me, attending an industry conference is all about the speakers. To this end, we are putting together a truly exceptional program in order to support organizations playing a critical role in expanding educational opportunities for students. Our world-class speakers will share their perspectives on the state of risk transfer in insurance markets, on quant and factor investing, on the Fed, inflation and interest rate volatility, on structured products, on tail risk and on portfolio construction. If there’s one constant in today’s environment it is surely “change”. In rates and inflation, in technology, in geopolitics, in correlations, in how we collect and harness data. It’s all moving so fast. These discussions are designed to help you think through these challenging markets.


The Audience

Convincing leading voices in the industry to share their time and insights is the first step. I’m incredibly thankful to our speakers. An amazing event is also about who is in the audience. After all, it’s the “spontaneous collaboration” that occurs during lunch, coffee breaks and (my favorite), the post-event reception that can be really valuable. To that end, our attendees will be from the buy-side, the sell-side and from the allocator community. MacroMinds is founded on the idea of facilitating relationship building among focused, senior professionals who are really on their games. At the event will be portfolio managers, chief investment officers, chief risk officers, heads of strategy efforts and various trading desks, traders, salestraders, heads of asset allocation and heads of manager selection.


The Causes

We come together as an industry to support 3 organizations that are focused on student education. This year, we are really excited and honored to be partnering with Children’s Scholarship Fund, Futures and Options, and Invest in Girls.  It’s almost exactly 3 years ago that the shutdown from the Pandemic occurred. Thankfully, most parts of our lives and the economy are back up and running. Of the many truly difficult outcomes over these past 3 years, however, has been the significant negative impact on education, especially for students from families and communities with less resources. Our efforts as an industry on June 7th push back on this.


How to Get Involved

There are a number of ways to Get Involved. I kindly ask that you help us raise awareness for our efforts. We have a growing list of sponsors and if you believe your firm might find value in a sponsorship, please do raise the question internally.


It’s going to be a really exciting and inspiring day. I hope to see you there!


Sincerely, Dean Curnutt

Founder, MacroMinds Foundation