Letter from the Founder

May 4, 2024




The barrage of econ data, most of Q1 earnings and the May Fed meeting are behind us. The VIX has settled comfortably back to 13.5. Gold and crude and USDJPY are taking a breather. The market’s got two cuts, not one, priced into 2024 now.  And we get to do all of this again next month, leading into the June 12TH FOMC meeting.



Stanley Druckenmiller has said that the “best economist I know is the stock market”. That nod to the value of the “read through” on market prices resonates with me.  Markets are complex, global, unwieldy. Good to have some signpost that points you to where the action is going to be.


An additional signpost sits halfway between the May and June FOMC gatherings…the MacroMinds Symposium.  Taking place on May 23rd at the beautiful Times Center in NYC, we are bringing industry leaders together to engage in a fulfilling day of mindshare, creativity and relationship building. As professionals in the investment industry, we leverage each other, accessing the expertise of other market participants that possess domain knowledge valuable to our own process. A main objective of MacroMinds is to facilitate this interaction, strengthening the knowledge sharing that is critical to making us all better.


Collaborate…And Contribute

As we come together as an industry to listen and learn, we stand for students. Our event raises money for education, supporting three important causes making a difference for students and their families. While we’ll cover a ton of ground content wise, we’ll also experience the goodwill that results from making a contribution.  I hosted Zoom calls this past week with our beneficiaries, catching up with them on the great work they are doing. Each is really excited to be a part of this initiative.



Please take a quick look at our 2024 Agenda.  I am very thankful to our exceptional speakers and moderators for providing their important insights and making our program so strong.  We live in fraught times where both risk and opportunity are significant. Our panel discussions will help us better navigate the uneven terrain of markets.


Our Sponsors

This event, our 4th, is underwritten by Sponsors whose generosity is greatly appreciated. Since our first symposium in 2021, we will have now raised more than $1.6mln for 12 causes working on behalf of students. So I say thank you to ALL of our sponsors along the way.  You’ve made a real difference for the students we support.  Interested in supporting the upcoming event?  Here’s our Sponsorship Document.


Sincerely, Dean

Founder, MacroMinds Foundation