Letter from the Founder

May 11, 2023



Yogi Berra told us that “predictions are hard, especially about the future”. Well, forecasting the twists and turns of the debt ceiling is certainly daunting, even for the most astute game theorist.  MacroMinds speaker, Daleep Singh provided some very strong insights in this Bloomberg interview earlier this week, distinguishing the debt ceiling risks this time around versus 2011.

Daleep and Eurasia Group CEO Maziar Minovi will lead off what promises to be a truly exceptional program at MacroMinds on June 7th in NYC.

But wait, there’s much more.  Our second panel features Axonic Founder, Clay DeGiacinto and Ellington Founder, Michael Vranos, giving us their read on the outlook for the structured products universe amidst epic moves in interest rates, giant changes in the shape of the yield curve and the associated bank failures. There are potentially profound risks but also exceptional opportunities that may emerge from dislocated markets tied to real estate. I can’t wait to watch this panel, moderated by Gamma Real Estate Founder Jon Kalikow.

A Quick Review

What/When/Where: A Symposium on June 7th at the Times Center in NYC.

Why:  As per the MacroMinds mission, we are supporting 3 inspiring organizations doing important work for students.

What About the “Who”?

Our guest list is growing fast and includes CEOs and CIOs, Chief Risk Officers, Heads Of Strategy Efforts, Asset Allocators, Traders, Portfolio Managers and more. We’ve got a lot of areas of specialty represented across the asset classes.  There are some real innovators and thought leaders coming.

Why…Part 2:

In addition to raising funding and awareness for our beneficiaries, the Symposium is about the attendees. As a 16-handle VIX almost surely belies the amount of uncertainty in markets and the global economy, June 7th is an opportunity to interact with industry colleagues, sourcing differing views, challenging your own assumptions and building rapport in the process.  What you will find is a highly engaged group of folks ready to collaborate, contribute and (importantly) socialize.

And Lastly, How

There are a number of ways to be involved. Please consider having your firm joining our list of sponsors (thank you!)  Here’s our sponsorship document. We are grateful for your support at any level.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions.  I hope to see you there!


Sincerely, Dean Curnutt

Founder, MacroMinds Foundation