Letter from the Founder


I’m excited to share a few updates on MacroMinds Foundation, the initiative I founded in 2019 to bring the investment community together and support student education in the process.

Our 2024 Symposium is set for Thursday, May 23rd, taking place at the beautiful NY Times Center in NYC. I’m really looking forward to creating another compelling program that succeeds in facilitating collaboration among investment professionals.

What’s the option value of being away from the screens for a day? I believe it can be high when you have the opportunity to engage in thought leadership with other sophisticated investors who have expertise in various market disciplines. I’ve received a lot of feedback from last year’s attendees that we succeeded on this front. I am committed to making this a valuable and enriching day for you.

As we make one another smarter, we raise much-needed funding for student education initiatives. Over its first three symposiums, MacroMinds has supported 9 worthy causes all working hard to address the shortfall of education that is a self-reinforcing reality in many communities and for many families.

There’s so much going on in the world and in markets. The S&P 500 is at an all-time high. Credit spreads are very tight. The market is grappling with when the Fed will embark on a cycle of easing. AI is all the rage. NVDA, a 200bln market cap before the Pandemic is approaching 2 Trillion in value. The geopolitical landscape looks highly unstable. And in the US, our polarized system is on shaky ground. Did I mention that it’s an election year?

Amidst buoyant asset prices but real uncertainties, our symposium comes at an important time. The program is quickly coming together. Our highly talented speakers thus far include:

Erin Browne, Portfolio Manager and Head of Asset Allocation at PIMCO
Scott Friedman, Co-Founder and Head of Risk at Soroban Capital
Chris Hentemann, Founder and CIO of 400 Capital
David Sherr, Founder and CIO of One William Street Capital
Jordi Visser, President and CIO of Weiss
Kevin Warsh, Distinguished Fellow at the Hoover Institute and former FOMC Governor

More updates and ways to be involved to follow. On behalf of the organizations we’ll represent this year, I truly appreciate your interest and support.


Sincerely, Dean

Founder, MacroMinds Foundation