We are extremely pleased to announce that Mt. Pleasant-Blythedale is the third charitable organization that MacroMinds will represent at our April 2020 event. Mt. Pleasant-Blythedale, is a Special Act K-12 School that provides educational services to patients of the Blythedale hospital, a specialty children’s hospital that provides care for children with complex medical illnesses and disabling conditions. Mt. Pleasant-Blythedale, is the only public school district in New York created to educate medically fragile children while students receive medically intensive rehabilitation.

Education is a vital component of the rehabilitation program. This multidisciplinary approach is used to ensure that students receive coordinated services. Attending a full day of school every day sends a very important message. Even though they are patients in a hospital, our students are encouraged to pursue the primary tasks of childhood and adolescence: having fun and growing emotionally, socially and academically.

— Emily Hersh, Mount Pleasant-Blythedale Superintendent