We are very pleased to share that Code Nation is one of the charitable organizations that MacroMinds will be representing at our 2021 event!  Code Nation equips students from under-resourced high schools with the skills, experiences, and connections that together create access to careers in technology. With a volunteer teaching corps that includes hundreds of professional software developers, Code Nation mobilizes the tech community to provide tuition-free coding courses and work-based learning programs to students who might not otherwise have access to the industry.

COVID-19 Update

In March 2020, Code Nation pivoted to remote learning with the rest of the country. Although the methods of program delivery and student engagement are different, we continue to serve our students by providing access to computer science courses, workplace experiences, and role models that launch careers in tech!

Over the spring and summer, Code Nation continued to offer programming through Spring and Summer Tech Academy (STA) and a Summer Success Series. STA was a four-week collaborative coding-intensive program in which students used Glitch and JavaScript library p5.js to build interactive projects and apps. Summer Success Series was a 9-week virtual learning and networking opportunity for Code Nation students and alumni from across the country to join industry speakers and learn more about building an exciting and fulfilling career!

In order for our students of color, young women, and non-binary students to thrive in the tech industry, it is important that they feel seen, heard, and represented. In collaboration with industry partners Flexport, Stitch Fix, Salesforce, and Techqueria, Code Nation hosted virtual affinity group events to foster community and an increased sense of belonging for students whose identities are not well-represented in the tech industry.

Until it is safe to return to in-person programming, we are excited to navigate the distance-learning environment and welcome our next cohort of over 1,200 young technologists into online classrooms for the 20-21 school year.

I liked joining a diverse community of folks working in technology that care about making the industry a more inclusive place.

— Code Nation volunteer