This year alone, Children’s Scholarship Fund, one of this year’s partner beneficiaries, is providing 6,300 New York City children with needs-based scholarships to attend 220 low-cost, tuition-based schools of their family’s choice.  Without a scholarship, a quality education would be out of reach for CSF Scholars. Research shows these children will also be four times more likely to go to college than their peers. CSF scholarships are partial, so each family has “skin in the game” and is fully invested in their child’s education. CSF’s reach extends beyond New York City to help more than 28,000 children nationwide this school year.

I don’t know if you realize the ripple effect of your support, but now my family knows what it means to see intergenerational poverty interrupted at the hands of a good education.

– Jason Tejada, a CSF Alumnus who is a now an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley