Michael Vranos is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ellington. Mr. Vranos founded Ellington in December of 1994 to capitalize on distressed conditions in the MBS derivatives market. Until December 1994, Mr. Vranos was the Senior Managing Director of Kidder Peabody in charge of
RMBS trading. With Mr. Vranos as head trader and senior manager, Kidder Peabody’s MBS department became a leader on Wall Street in CMO underwriting for each of the three years between 1991 and 1993. Mr. Vranos began his Wall Street career in 1983, after graduating magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Harvard University. Mr. Vranos also devotes much of his time, energy, and resources to philanthropic causes, donating to worthy child advocacy, homeless relief, education, and medical research organizations across the country. A longtime director of Hedge Funds Care and recipient of the organization’s 2007 Lifetime
Award for Caring, he supports the group’s mission to prevent child abuse and provide assistance for families in need. In addition to Hedge Funds Care, Michael Vranos serves as a director of Harlem’s at-risk youth-focused educational organization Boys and Girls Harbor and sits on the boards of trustees of both the Waterside School and the Hopkins School. Mr. Vranos recently established a research fellowship to sponsor the ongoing work of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. He currently resides in Greenwich, Connecticut.